Crayon Stains

To remove crayon stains use a blow dryer to slightly warm the area and wipe down with a cloth to remove the waxy substance.

Amla - Indian Gooseberry

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) has the richest natural source of Vitamin C and is an excellent anti-oxidant which helps increase immunity in the body. It is a natural source for anti-aging and prevents premature greying of hair and helps hair and nail growth, improves eye sight, cleanses the mouth, nourishes the teeth and bones. It renews body energy. It is also believed to lower cholesterol levels, blood sugar and treat diabetics.

Curry Leaves for Weight leaves

Chewing on curry leaves regularly is believed to help with weight loss

Body Odor

Chewing on Parsley leaves helps neutralize body odor.

Leg pain

Add some salt to warm water and soak your legs in it for 15-20 mins to get immediate relief from leg pains.

Mustard oil for sprains and pains

Heat some mustard oil with a clove of garlic and apply on the sprained area or pain and leave it overnight to get good relief.

Horse Gram for Weight Loss

Eating horse gram dal (a lentil found in most Indian Grocery stores) regularly helps with weight loss and reducing cholesterol.

Cracking Nuts

Nuts in the shell crack more easily when frozen.

Jar Opening

To easily open a air tight jar tap the bottom of the jar before opening the lid.

Fresh Cloths

Add a fabric softener dryer sheet to each of your dresser shelves to keep cloths smelling fresh.

Fresh Home

Add a fabric softener dryer sheet to your vacuum cleaner to have fresh smell throughout your home when you vacuum.

Clean Coffee Pots

Fill the Pot with equal parts of water and vinegar and let it stand overnight to remove deposits of lime.

Storing Flax Seeds

Always store flax seeds in a seated container in the freezer. They have a tendency to go rancid easily.

Get rid of refrigerator odor

  • Place a open box of fresh baking soda in the refrigerator to eliminate odor.
  • Place a few slices of lemon in a bowl of water

Disinfect a Kitchen Sponge?

Leave the sponge in a bowl of water with vinegar overnight to disinfect it. Squeeze out in the morning and dry thoroughly.

Cleaning Copper

Stains from copper bottomed pots and pans are easily cleaned by scrubbing a slice of lemon with some salt over it.

Ants in the House?

  • Sprinkle some coffee powder in the area where you see the ants and they will disappear.
  • Sprinkling ground cinnamon also helps get rid of ants.

Peeling Garlic

To peel garlic fast put it in a microwave for 10-15 seconds, the skin slips off the garlic easily.

Eggplant Discoloration?

To avoid discoloration before cooking, put the eggplants in a bowl as you chop them.

Testing an Egg for freshness

To know if an egg is fresh, put in a pot of cold water. Good eggs sink in the water and bad ones float. Throw away all floating eggs.

Juicing Lemons and Limes

To get the most juice out of your lemons and limes, heat them in a microwave for 5-10 secs.

Olive oil for Skin

For healthy looking skin apply olive oil or almond oil to your face everyday. Leave it for ten minutes and wash thoroughly.

Dark Eye Circles

Placing a slice of potato over your eyes helps reduce black circles


To keep apples from turning brown, add little citrus juice like the juice of a lemon or orange and toss apples in it.

Cooking Green leafy Vegetables

Add a pinch of sugar while cooking any green leaf vegetables. This will help maintain the bright green color.


Chill onion is refrigerator before cutting to avoid tears.

Cooking Rice

To avoid cooked rice from sticking together, soak washed rice in water for at least ten minutes before cooking. A teaspoon of oil can be added to get separate grains of cooked rice.

Cooking Pasta

While making any pasta add salt to the boiling water in which you are cooking it. That will be the only chance you get to salt it. Add salt after the water boils. If you add it before , it will take a longer time to boil


Excess salt in any dish can be brought down by adding diced potatoes, tomatoes or a teaspoon of sugar. A few drops of lemon juice also reduces saltiness of any dish.

Cutting Boards

Every weak disinfect your kitchen cutting boards and knives in hot water added with bleach and vinegar. Bleach disinfects and vinegar removes odors.


To shine silver, wash them with a little toothpaste.


Store coffee powder in the freezer to retain the freshness for a long period of time.

Cooking Bitterguard

  • Add a couple of tablespoons of yogurt while cooking bitterguard to reduce the bitter taste.
  • Adding lemon juice to bitterguard also reduces its bitter taste.
  • Add 2 teaspoons of brown sugar to bitterguard stir fry for an excellent taste.